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Cooking foie gras can be very rewarding. It does not need a lot of skill, but needs patience. Buy half a kilo of foie gras; must be pinkish in colour and firm to the touch with a slight spring to it. Do not buy it yellow and soft; means it contains much more fat than it should. Soak in room temperature water with some salt for a couple of hours, not much more, and certainly not overnight (you will get a mushy foie gras!). When you feel it is softer, you can easily separate the lobes. You can do this by running a small knife on the reverse side of each lobe to take the main nerve away.

Then, without going very deep try the edges, and wherever you feel there is a nerve, get it out. Once you have finished de-nerving, lay it flat, cut side up on a tray, sprinkle generously with salt and pepper, sprinkle with cognac, port and Madeira (a little!). If you have some truffle oil, (certainly not necessary) do that as well. Cover and leave over night.

Next day, take out of the fridge, let it rest for half an hour until half soft and take some cooking film- spread a big piece on a table, overhanging on your side. Place the foie gras (or half the quantity if you prefer) on the top, leaving enough film on the sides and on top to be able to roll it tightly into a Swiss roll. The diameter depends on how big you want the slice to be on the plate! Roll it extremely tight from the top; tie the sides and roll it again very tightly in foil. Leave in fridge overnight.
...Next day, take the foie gras out half an hour before cooking. Bring plenty of water to about 80C. and poach the liver. 400g. would take 12mins.; 200g. would take 8 mins. to cook. Maintain the water always at 80C. Do not boil. Take out immediately, put in freezer for 20mns or until quite cold, never frozen! Then roll very tightly in a teacloth and leave in fridge for 24 hrs.

To make a wine jelly, put 2 and half gelatine leaves in cold water until very soft. Take 5cl. of very clear stock or water, warm it up only and dissolve the gelatine in it. Make sure the gelatine mix is just warm or even cool (not cold!), add 25cl. of the Sauternes or Moscatel wine you want to use. Add salt and pepper, filter through a fine cloth.

Take the plates you are going to serve the foie gras on, and put in the fridge. Pour half a ladle of jelly on each plate, and let it set. Slice the foie gras, put a slice in the middle of each plate, and brush a little jelly on each slice, decorate with a little herb and a red berry (optional).
foie gras
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